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PROJECT 01 Summer Youth Workers

Each summer Vaucroft Improvement District has hired youth workers. These youth provide service around Vaucroft performing various tasks such as painting, building a boardwalk, removing invasive plant species, water testing and making this website. They become immersed in the caretaking of Vaucroft and see all that has to happen to enable the Vaucroft community to function properly.  


As well as the summer youth job being beneficial to the Vaucroft community, it is also beneficial for the summer youth workers. This job allows youth to enjoy their summers on Thormanby, while gaining valuable work experience. This job will look great on resumes and, for many of the summer youth hired, it is their first job which is a very important step into their future. The summer projects aim to give youth a leg up into the working community. 

        "Working on Thormanby island this summer has been a privilege, not only do I have a better understanding of the water system and fire safety regulations I am more confident with my abilities for future jobs. Thanks again Russ and Shirley for the amazing summer job."  - Caitlyn

        “I learned many valuable skills working as a summer student. I was given the task of creating the Vaucroft Improvement District website. Shirley told me what she wanted on the website and then she gave me the freedom to convert her ideas into this website. I was given many suggestions to take into account. This was a fantastically unique and valuable opportunity for which I am infinitely grateful.

        While working on the website, I learned a great deal about Vaucroft Improvement District: What they do and how it was created (I encourage you to visit the history section of this website).

        Outside of working on the website, I learned about fire safety, and how to perform various tasks around the island such as water testing. I have gained much needed work experience and will now have an important credit on my resume. I am very thankful to have been hired for this job.”  - Avelene

        "Working at Thormanby island enabled me to develop fundamental skills in a teamwork environment. I learned how to safely operate many tools, take Island Fire safety precautions, build community pathways and install water meters for local cabins. Overall working at Thormanby island has allowed me to learn many essential skills!"  - Ben

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