Updated: Aug 25, 2020

As owners of property at Vaucroft, we are all aware of how unique and precious the island is to all of us. Part of our community responsibility is that we always try to ensure that we take steps to keep the island in its pristine state. The purpose of this notice is to highlight a few areas to remind everyone about some common sense community guidelines which will benefit everyone. We ask all owners to share this Notice with members of their family, guests and renters of their cottage. The areas the Trustees want to remind everyone about are:

1. Water Use 8. Free Stuff

2. Fire Awareness** 9. Garbage ** 3. Wharf Use/Dinghies** 10. AED and First Aid Kit** 4. Noise 11. VID Contact Information** 5. Vehicle Use** 12. Rodents** 6. Propane & Water Taxi 13. SCRD Director contact info 7. Island Events**

1. Water Use

As you know, we are very committed to conserving and protecting our island water supply. Our Caretaker looks after pumping schedules, treatment, testing and supply management, and we ask every person to be aware of and to take simple steps to limit consumption. Some suggestions are:

  • Check your pipes for leaks on opening your cabin. Given the freezing periods over past winter seasons, many cabins have experienced leaking pipes.

  • Do not use community water for your gardens. Please use sand-point pumps or rain barrels for this purpose.

  • Install a low-flow toilet.

  • Try to limit water use during high season, particularly on long weekends. Advise your family, friends and renters of the above.

  • Visit: for more water conservation ideas.

2. Fire Awareness

Fire System: VID has installed fire hydrants nearby all cabin water boxes to supply fire hoses which are located at fire stations around the boardwalk and by some of the fire hydrants. Please note that smoking is not allowed on VID lands or the boardwalk. A few years ago the caretaker found a tree burning started by a cigarette or the like which he fortunately saw in its early stages and put out. The VID has upgraded the fire system by changing over our fire hose connections to the same type as the BC Wildfire service uses. These are much easier to use. Also we have a new sprinkler system on the caretaker cabin roof. We encourage you to look at it. We can order it for your cabin which gives you 2 sprinklers, brackets and hoses. They can be mounted permanently or put up during a wildfire. We also have $20,000 of new Firefighting equipment coming to the island soon! Be prepared for training. All Island owners are welcome!

Fire Extinguishers and Alarms: We strongly recommend that all owners have current dated and properly functioning fire extinguishers and fire/propane gas alarms in their cabins. We recently had a fire in a cabin and the use of a fire extinguisher saved the cabin.

House Fires/ BBQs/Beach Fires: The matter of fires is something we all need to address. We ask all owners to be aware of any provincial fire restrictions that may come into effect and to abide by such restrictions. Please ensure your family members, guests and renters of your cottage are aware of any fire ban. A reminder that all beach fires should be built below the high tide line and be completely put out before leaving the beach. Also please have a selected person as responsible for the fire as the Caretaker may ask for the name.

Burn Pile: The Island is for the most part made of sand and our groundwater, which is the source for our well and our drinking water, is merely 40 feet below the surface. Anything that is burned or thrown on the burn pile may contain chemicals that have the potential to leach into the groundwater. If this ever happened with any petroleum or other toxic products, the results on our drinking water could be devastating. Guidelines for what types of materials should be thrown on the burn pile are: IF IT DIDN’T GROW ON THE ISLAND, IT DOESN’T BELONG THERE! Please note: The burn pile is for fee payers only.

3. Wharf Use/Dinghies

As you know, the VID does not own the dock and wharf. It is the property of the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD). We have received a number of complaints regarding dinghies being left on the dock. In adverse weather, the dinghies present a hazard and we ask everyone to refrain from placing their dinghy on the dock. The SCRD has warned us that any dinghies found on the dock can be removed at owners’ expense.

The SCRD has informed us that no dinghies should be ever left on top of the dock EXCEPT for Community Dinghies (those bright new yellow ones). Due to concerns of islanders about COVID and shared oars/dinghies, we have installed a hand sanitizer station on the back of the bulletin board. It was put on the back to stay out of the sun, out of reach of children and to prevent theft. The use of the oars/dinghies/sanitizer is your choice and implies no liability to the NTCA or the VID.

Dinghies can be left in the water or placed on the beach without too much difficulty. Note: the SCRD will be painting a red band around the dock which indicates how long you can tie up to the dock – this represents a 15 minute maximum – for loading / unloading purposes only.

The VID received a grant for a new boat trailer for moving our dinghies off the beach for winter storage. We encourage everyone to remove their boats off the beach as they often are found floating away or causing problems to the ecosystem. With that, anyone on the island may use this boat trailer to move their dinghies to and from the beach area at any time. We ask you speak with the Caretaker first, leave a $20 refundable deposit. You need a 1 7/8 inch ball. The trailer can handle up to 15 foot dinghies. We ask that it not be used for hauling anything else. Russ has also offered to haul dinghies in or out for $10 each way for the down below cabins. For up top cabin costs, please contact Russ.

On a related note, moorings should not be placed where they are in the direct path of vessels coming from Secret Cove. When considering the placement of a mooring, please ensure that you take into consideration that there must be easy access to and exit from the dock by all vessels, large and small. The Coast Guard has asked again that all moorings have a name and phone number along with the word PRIV or PRIVATE on them, or it may be removed.

4. Noise

Most of us enjoy the quiet and solitude of the cabin as compared to our hectic daily lives in the city. As a matter of courtesy for your neighbors, please refrain from the operation of generators, lawnmowers, chainsaws, electric guitars, and air horns (this is not an exhaustive list) until after 9 a.m., with their use ending around 8 p.m. That leaves plenty of time for one to perform their chores while still maintaining civil relations with their neighbors. Unfortunately we have had several complaints in past. The RCMP will call to action if necessary. Expected practice for the VID members, is to not perform construction during the summer months.

5. Vehicle Use

As discussed at a past AGM, there are growing concerns about vehicle use on the island. Please use discretion when using vehicles (cars, golf carts, etc) as they can be disruptive in terms of noise, dust and also to the fragile ecosystem of the island. Please be respectful about not leaving the above mentioned vehicles on the dock during high season as it gets congested.

Lot 45 ("the meadow") is designated as Private Conservation as per section 5.9 of the Islands Trust land use bylaw. As such, permitted uses include only (a) Protection and maintenance of natural features and habitat; and (b) Conservation. Permitted structures are restricted to:

Pedestrian trails; Fences; Stairs, boardwalks; and Signs, subject to Part 6. As such please refrain from using vehicles in the VID meadow.

6. Propane & Water Taxi Services

Buccaneer Marina offers propane service to and from the dock arranged upon your request. You must arrange to have your empty propane tanks at the dock just prior to a scheduled pickup, and ensure that you remove same immediately when they are returned back to the dock.

Tyee Propane can deliver propane. Owners should contact Tyee Propane directly with any inquiries about this service. 778-833-0446

Water taxi services to and from Vaucroft are available from Mark, or JD on the Hiballer Taxi (604) 885-1212 or Mercers/Buccaneer Marina (604) 885-7888.

7. Island Events

The Federal Government has awarded the community $650 to put on another Canada Day celebration on July 1st, 2020. If interested in volunteering please contact Shirley at 604-613-9488 or by email. Everyone on the island is welcome to participate! We need suggestions on how to do this and maintain distancing!

The annual Tennis Tourney is normally scheduled to be held on the August long weekend. Tennis players of all ages and abilities are invited to participate. Non-players are encouraged to come and cheer the players on! At this time it is unknown if the Tennis tournament will take place this year due to COVID 19. We will update this information on the bulletin board when we know more.

A reminder, that we have a non-profit society representing the whole north island – North Thormanby Community Association or NTCA for short. We are asking those owners of upper lots to join all the lower cabins in renewing your 2020 membership for only $10 per lot per year. By becoming a member, you are authorizing the volunteers to fight fires on your lots should it become necessary!

8. Free Stuff

On occasion we all have items that we want to get rid of – they could be gently used and still useful to someone so we don’t want to just throw them away. A lot of times these items are left at the notice board with the assumption they will be taken by one of the owners. On many occasions these items have been left for many weeks and are seemed to be forgotten. We would like to suggest that if you have any items that you want to give away that you put up a notice on the board letting everyone know what it is you have to give away and to come to your cabin to view/take away. This will help in keeping the area clear of discarded items which get forgotten, looks unsightly, and then someone else finally takes the initiative to remove.

9. Garbage

Please be mindful that you are responsible for removing your own garbage. The dock is the front door to our beautiful island and having garbage left there is not a pleasing sight when we come back to the island. It is not the Caretakers responsibility to remove garbage anywhere.

The Garbage Barge is organized by the SCRD and will take place either July or August on a weekend. A schedule will be emailed to all owners as soon as it becomes available. SCRD is continuing to provide the service again this summer with some disposal restrictions. Restricted items (unknown at this time) will be posted on the notice board.


***The SCRD has said the schedule will be ready by the end of May 2020**

Did you know that you pay taxes for use of garbage bins at Buccaneer Marina and Secret Cove Marina? Feel free to make use of them even if you don’t have a boat there.

10. AED & First Aid Kit

The AED is mounted in an alarmed cabinet outside the front door of the Caretakers cabin. We also have placed a well stocked first aid kit with oxygen tank in a large box on the front deck and under the BBQ. If anyone has expired Epipens, we can always use them in our kit. An AED/CPR course would be advisable.

11. VID Contact Information

Russ Spencer Caretaker 604-740-7722

Shirley Higginson Administrator 604-613-9488

Danielle Mervin Chair 604-813-6964

John Nichols Trustee 604-328-4457

Kevin Harris Trustee 604-328-4279

Emergency & Other Contact Information:

Sunshine Coast Hospital 604-885-2224

Emergency Help 911

Report a Wildfire 800-663-5555 (*5555 from a cell)

Non-emergency Health Info 811

Secret Cove Marina store 604-885-3533

Water Taxi Services:

John or Mark 604-885-1212

Mercers 604-885-7888

12. Rodents

As you know we had a problem that started a few summers ago with roof rats. Russ worked diligently to catch 119 rats over the fall and winter months of 2016; 30 rats in 2017; 36 in 2018; and 39 rats over 2019 winter. If we keep on this, perhaps by 2021 we will have zero!

Now it is your turn to keep appropriate traps in place around your yards and buildings. Also please do not leave food out and rat-proof your composts.

We also know that there are rat problems in all the marinas in Secret Cove. Please check your boat before coming over. If you discover any rats or see them around your place, we ask that you please notify the Caretaker immediately.

13. SCRD Director Contact info

Should you feel the need to contact your Director for our Island, here is her contact info.

Lori Pratt. Director Area B - Halfmoon Bay & Chair

Sunshine Coast Regional District, 1975 Field Road, Sechelt, BC V0N 3A1 604-885-6800

Direct: 604-740-2370

Finally, the trustees want to wish everyone a wonderful summer season wherever you are!

***Note: We are sending this out to all North Islanders as a courtesy as there is info that affects all islanders. ***


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