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Scotch broom is an invasive woody shrub that was first introduced to southern Vancouver Island in the 1850's, and now grows prolifically throughout southwestern British Columbia. Broom is most often found in open areas such as fields, clearings, roadsides, and beneath power lines.
Most plants are unable to grow in the same area as Broom due to changes in the chemistry of the soil that occur when when Broom is growing in an area.  Broom creates dense monocultures that grow rapidly and can become a serious threat to the biodiversity of the Gulf Islands, eliminating native plant communities that birds, butterflies and other animals rely on for habitat.  Broom increases the fire hazard of a property because it is highly flammable. It is imperative to the Vaucroft community to remove the threat that Broom poses to the ecosystem and residences.


Source: Islands Trust Conservancy, as adapted from the San Juan County Noxious Weed Control Board and Pender Islands Conservancy Association. 

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